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The perfect savings vehicle for young families looking for a "starter" savings plan. This account is also great for young savers - all service charges are waived until the account holder's 18th birthday.


  • Only $100 needed to open account
  • No minimum balance required on accounts for minors
  • No service fee if you maintain the minimum daily balance*
  • Variable interest rate
  • Your interest accrues daily and compounds quarterly
  • Automatic transfers available - you decide the amount and when the funds will transfer
  • Debit this account up to 6 times each month without incurring a fee**
  • Personalized deposit and withdrawal slips for convenient record keeping

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*The minimum required balance is $100.

**Federal regulations limit you to 6 withdrawals and/or transfers per month by check, pre-authorized or automatic transfer, draft, point-of-sale debit card, telephone and/or electronic banking.  

To find out more about Statement Savings accounts, call or visit the First Bank location nearest you.

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