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Peace of Mind. Personal Attention. Stability. Financial Strength. We understand how important these are when you're considering options for building and protecting your financial position for yourself and your loved ones. We can help you navigate through what can seem to be a complicated process.

If you are already a First Bank Trust Client, you may login to view your Wealth Management Portal account, or learn more about accessing your account online. 

Services we offer:

Investment Management Account
An Investment Management account with us means professional portfolio management designed specifically to meet your financial goals. You choose whether to approve investment decisions or to turn over complete investment responsibility to us. 

Custody Account
A First Bank Custody account offers asset safekeeping, income collection, investment transactions at your direction, bill payment and complete record-keeping. In essence, you make investment decisions and we act as your "financial secretary." Plus, we'll give you favorable commission rates on the purchase and sale of securities and provide you with a money market account as part of your investment options.

Living Trust
Establishing this revocable agreement is an inexpensive and convenient way to ensure control, privacy and protection of your assets and your loved ones. If you'd like help coordinating investments, avoiding probate (a process that can delay and reduce the amount of assets distributed to your beneficiaries) and protecting your assets in the event that you become incapacitated, talk to us.

Trust Under Will
This arrangement is sometimes known as a Testamentary Trust. It provides for professional management of your assets and long term distribution of your estate for the benefit of surviving family members or designated charities. This arrangement can help prevent dispute of guardianship for minor children.

Executor/Administrator of Will
Under this arrangement, you can direct us to act as Executor (Personal Representative) of your estate. As Executor, we will settle and distribute your estate, according to your Will, manage your assets professionally, handle final expenses and claims against your estate efficiently and file personal and estate tax returns.

Life Insurance Trust
This type of trust is sometimes called a "wealth replacement" trust. It is established to pay estate taxes, providing full distribution of your estate to beneficiaries at your death. A Life Insurance Trust is also used to protect business partners and family business members under buy-sell agreements. First Bank Trust can act as trustee of your Life Insurance Trust in conjunction with other Personal Trust or Business Trust accounts you might establish.

Structured Settlement Trust
First Bank Trust will act as trustee of your Structured Settlement Trust, making any court required payments to a plaintiff’s estate from the trust. This type of Trust fills the requirement of a legal settlement, assuring regular payments from the trust. It provides financial safety and security for you and your beneficiaries.

To find out more about our Wealth Management services, call or visit the First Bank location nearest you.  For Trust Services and Investment Management,  contact us at 800-452-1414 (Missouri) or 800-530-1456 (California).


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