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For over three decades the ACH system has been used by businesses as an alternative to checks and wire transfers for both incoming and outgoing payments.  First Bank offers a wide variety of ACH services that can help your business streamline its cash flow, contain costs, reduce business risks, and improve control over payments.

Collection Features:

  • First Bank’s Gateway Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation Service enables you to view incoming ACH payments, originate and monitor pre-authorized payments, and originate Cash Concentration files for collecting funds from outlying depository accounts.
  • ACH payments allow you to control the settlement date of transactions and optimize control over your cash flow.
  • ACH payments are immediately available on the day of receipt, eliminating uncollected funds associated with check receipts.

Disbursement Features:

  • First Bank’s Gateway Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation Service allows you to originate all types of ACH transactions, including Direct Deposit of Payroll, business-to-business payments, vendor payments and tax payments.
  • ACH payments reduce many of the inherent risks associated with check-based transactions.
  • ACH disbursements provide predictable transaction settlement and a lower cost alternative to wire transfers.

To find out more about our Automated Clearing House Services, contact your First Bank Treasury Management Officer. New to First Bank? Contact the Treasury Management Officer nearest you.

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