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Through our Business Online Banking service or by direct transmission, we make it possible for you to reap the benefits of paying your obligations electronically. Direct deposit offers a timesaving, efficient alternative to paper checks for disbursing payroll, dividend payments, expense reimbursement or other payment expenses.

Direct Deposit Benefits for Businesses:
  • Improve fraud protection - eliminate the vulnerability of a paper check
  • Reduce production costs - fewer checks to print and reconcile, less check stock to purchase and securely store, and less postage expense
  • Reduce reconcilement errors through the Automated Clearing House
  • Reduce stop payments and re-issue problems since there are no checks to be lost or stolen
Direct Deposit Benefits for Employees:
  • Greater convenience - eliminates the trip to the bank to deposit a check
  • Greater control - confidence that deposits are made to their account on payday according to pre-established instructions between you and the employee
  • Improved safety - there are no checks to be lost, stolen or forged
Other ACH options:

Cash Concentration

To find out more about our Direct Deposit services, contact your First Bank Treasury Management Officer. New to First Bank? Contact the Treasury Management Officer nearest you.
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