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First Bank continuously trends your transaction activity and looks for suspicious transactions that might fall outside of your normal spending patterns. If we find something suspicious, we will temporarily restrict your card and make attempts to contact you. Once we're able to validate the legitimacy of your transaction, we'll reinstate your card. In addition to this, we recommend the following things to help keep your personal information and accounts safe:
  • If your card is lost or stolen, contact us immediately using one of the following telephone numbers:
  • For First Bank ATM/Debit Cards, call 1-800-760-BANK (2265).
  • For First Bank Credit Cards, call 1-888-295-5540 (for consumer credit cards) or 1-800-819-4249 (for business credit cards).
  • You will never be contacted directly by companies like MasterCardŽ or VisaŽ to verify personal or card information, your PIN or to request that you transfer funds or process transactions to protect your account.
  • If you are concerned about the legitimacy of such requests, contact 800-760-BANK (2265).
  • Make a list of ATM, debit card, credit card, and bank account numbers, as well as the customer service telephone numbers for each. Keep this list in a safe and secure place so you can easily notify the necessary companies in case you lose your wallet or purse. This will also mitigate the risk of fraud.
  • Whether at home or traveling, only carry ATM, credit and debit cards that are necessary. If traveling, cancel unused cards or secure them in a safe place while you're away.
  • Memorize your Personal Identification Number (PIN). Never write it on the card or anywhere else it could be compromised.
  • It's not a good idea to use the last four digits of your Social Security Number, date of birth, address or numbers that may be easily obtained by identify thieves as your PIN.
  • Never give out your credit or debit card numbers over the telephone or on the internet unless you have a trusted business relationship with the person or company.
  • Never leave ATM, credit or debit cards lying around where anyone has access to them.
  • Always keep your receipts for card purchases or withdrawals. Never throw them in a public trash container where they could eventually be found.
  • Be aware if a merchant takes your card out of your sight for an extended period of time. Most merchants will process transactions within your view. If you become suspicious, contact your financial institution to warn of possible fraud on your account.
  • Always thoroughly review credit card and bank statements upon receipt. If there is suspicious activity on your account, notify the Credit Card company or bank immediately.
    Reporting ATM or Debit Card Fraud
    To report suspicious activity on your card or account, contact us immediately at 800-760-BANK (2265).
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