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Educating your employees is an important layer in preventing fraud.

  • Explain to employees why strong passwords are important and why they should be changed frequently.
  • DO NOT share passwords amongst employees and do not write them down or post them near a PC workstation.
  • NEVER send personal or account information using an email account to anyone. To send this information to your bank, use the secure messaging feature via Online Banking. For Gateway or Remote Deposit customers, call Treasury Management Client Support for secure messaging or secure file transmissions.
  • Remind your employees that First Bank will never ask for Online Banking or Gateway passwords or Debit Card PINs over the telephone or via email.
  • Block all social networking sites from your business PCs or isolate PCs used for financial transactions.
  • Tell your employees about your company policies regarding safeguarding data and the use of computers while at work.
  • Inform your employees about the dangers of phishing, telephone scams and fraudulent emails.
  • Visit the SANS Securing the Human web site and subscribe to their Security Awareness Newsletter.

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