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Security is an ongoing partnership between First Bank and our valued customers. Continued education, heightened awareness and the right tools go a long way toward helping you protect your business and financial information. Due to the increased sophistication of cyberattacks, anti-virus software and firewalls may not be doing enough to protect you.

As part of our continued effort to help protect your bank accounts while banking online, First Bank is offering Trusteer Rapport security software to business customers using First Bank's Gateway Information Reporting and Transaction Initiation service.

Corporate Accounts Need Extra Protection
Corporate accounts are especially sensitive targets for fraudsters. The FDIC identifies malware and phishing attacks as the two top threats used to access and transfer money out of corporate accounts. Trusteer Rapport provides ongoing protection against these attacks that are not addressed by legacy security measures such as anti-virus.

Proven Protection Against Fraud
Trusteer Rapport is security software that protects your bank account from fraudulent transactions. It secures your communication with our online banking web site and blocks malicious attempts to access or steal personal information or money from your account. Tens of millions of users around the world are already using Trusteer Rapport to protect their online bank account against fraud. First Bank is committed to extending this protection to you.

Gateway Customers:
Contact your Treasury Management Officer for more information or visit our Trusteer Rapport Information page at

Q: Do I still need an anti-virus if I use Trusteer Rapport?

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