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Vishing stands for voice-phishing. Vishing involves the use of email, voice messages, automated calls, or text messages that appear to be from a legitimate source, such as a debit or credit card issuer, financial institution, police department, etc., but are, in fact, criminals that are attempting to gain information to be used for illegitimate purposes. A scam often consists of:
  • Receipt of an email, voice mail, or text message asking the recipient to call a phone number. They are directed to an automated system that asks them to enter their account number, debit card and PIN, Social Security Number, or other personally identifiable or financial information.
  • Receipt of a text message asking the recipient to reply to the message in order to:
  • Activate an account or newly issued debit/credit card by entering the account number or the card number and/or PIN
  • Verify that a debit/credit card is in their possession by entering the card number and/or PIN
  • To reactivate their account or debit card, commonly used to make people think that it's recently been suspended or deactivated
  • Receipt of an automated call stating the recipients account or card has been blocked. They are directed to select a menu option and asked to enter account number, debit/credit card and PIN, Social Security Number, or other personally identifiable or financial information.
    THE INTENT IS TO TRICK YOU INTO DIVULGING YOUR PERSONAL INFORMATION, such as your account number, Social Security Number, User ID or Password so they can commit crimes of a monetary nature or identity theft. If you believe the call may be legitimate, call the customer service number provided by the financial institution at the time the account was opened or the number on the back of the debit/credit card to update the information.
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