A Partner for the Future

A Partner for the Future

Management Committee

Headshot of Michael Dierberg   Headshot of Shelly Seifert   Headshot of Rick Sems   Headshot of Bala Nibhanupudi

Michael Dierberg
Shelley Seifert
Chairman and CEO
Rick Sems
Executive Vice President, Retail and
Client Experience
Bala Nibhanupudi
Executive Vice President, Technology and Operations Officer
Headshot of Joe Ambrose   Headshot of Deb Bostic   Headshot of Greg Bissell   Headshot of  Monique Dattilo

Joe Ambrose
Vice Chairman
Deb Bostic
Chief Human Resources Officer
Greg Bissell
Chief Risk Officer
Monique Dattilo
Chief Operating Officer, Mortgage
Headshot of Kelly Dulle   Headshot of Steve Fiata   Headshot of Tim Fogerty   Headshot of Ed Furman

Kelly Dulle
Managing Director, Client Experience
Steve Fiata
Chief Retail and Business Banking Officer
Tim Fogerty
Managing Director
Ed Furman
Chief Investment Officer
Headshot of David Goodall   Headshot of Bill Kusman   Headshot of Jon Moen   Headshot of John Montgomery

David Goodall
Chief Commercial Banking Officer
Bill Kusman
President, Mortgage
Jon Moen
Director of Product
John Montgomery
Chief Credit Officer
Headshot of Kelley Munn   Headshot of Mike Normile   Headshot of Kelly Wiese   Headshot of Peter Wimmer

Kelley Munn
Chief Procurement Officer
Mike Normile
Chief Financial Officer
Kelly Wiese
Chief Marketing Officer
Peter Wimmer
General Counsel