First Bank Client Security Alerts | Security Center

First Bank Client Security Alerts | Security Center

September Security Alert

First Bank is aware of clients receiving fraudulent window pop-up alerts on their computer appearing to be from Microsoft Service Center. The fake Microsoft scams function by tricking people into thinking their PC is infected. The scam works by allowing access to your computer so the issue can be fixed and explain there is a service charge and the client provides his/her credit card/debit card or account number.

With these types of scams please be aware of the following:

1. Microsoft will never call you telling you that your computer is infected
2. Never allow strangers to connect to your computer 
3. Do not give any credit card information to a person contacting you claiming to be from Microsoft
4. If in doubt, shut down your computer and have it professionally cleaned


If you would like to speak with us, please call our Client Contact Center:

Phone: 800-760-2265
Monday – Friday (7 am - 11 pm Central)
Saturday (8 am - 7 pm Central)



August Security Alert

First Bank is aware of fraudulent robo calls being placed to our clients advising the client that their debit card has been frozen and to provide their account information to remove the frozen status.

First Bank will never call our clients and ask them to provide and/or update personal account information such as, account numbers, PIN numbers, eBanking ID’s and passwords, social security numbers and more. If you have received a call recently and provided someone your account information, please call the First Bank Client Customer Center at 800-760-2265.

July Security Alert

First Bank Corporate Security is aware of a scam targeting our clients through e-mail notifications. The emails are informing our clients that a recent transfer from their account or a wire transfer initiated by them has been aborted by the other financial institution. The email instructs the client to “hit the link provided to view more information about this problem”.   

If you receive this email, delete it and DO NOT OPEN THE LINK. If you have opened the link, we recommend that you have your computer “cleaned” by a reputable company.  

Call First Bank's Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265 with any questions.


Fraud Prevention

First Bank will never contact you by phone call, automated phone message, email, or a pop-up message and ask you to provide and/or update personal or account information such as your Social Security Number, account number, ATM/Debit Card PIN, eBanking User ID or password.

If you receive a message that appears to be from First Bank requesting you provide or validate personal information do not respondIf you believe you have fallen victim to one of these messages, please contact our Client Contact Center immediately:

Phone: 800-760-2265
Monday – Friday (7 am - 11 pm Central)
Saturday (8 am - 7 pm Central)

Remember, a bank representative may call you to verify activity on your account (Debit Card transactions, bill payment, personal payment and/or account-to-account transfers) that appear suspicious.  We may also call you to provide information about products and services we offer.  However, we will never ask you to verify personal account numbers, passwords, or Social Security Numbers.  

To learn more about fraud and ways to protect yourself, visit our Security Center