Chances are, you’ve probably heard about the importance of cybersecurity, keeping your passwords protected, maintaining the security of your personal information, using secure internet connections, and so much more. As always, First Bank makes your data security a top priority. However, it takes the concerted efforts of everyone to help combat this growing global issue.

That said, we wanted to share five brief reminders on our top “Best Practices to be Secure.”
1) Although we may personally contact you from time-to-time regarding exciting, new things happening at First Bank; please note, we will NEVER ask you for your account number or online banking username and/or password.
2) First Bank will NEVER have partners ask you for any personal information.
3) If you ever receive a call asking for any information you think First Bank should already have, kindly hang up and call our Client Contact Center at 1-800-760-2265.
4) First Bank will NEVER ask you for your debit or credit card number.
5) To add another layer of security for our clients, when you call us, we will ask questions to verify your identity. However, we will NEVER call you and ask those same questions.

The security of our clients and your information remains our top priority. For more information on how to protect your data even further, visit our site and view the Online Banking Security Page under the Personal tab or go to

Let’s stay vigilant