Receivable Solutions | Treasury Management

Receivable Solutions | Treasury Management

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Is improving your company’s productivity important? With our Receivable Solutions we speed the collection of your accounts receivables and accelerate access to your working capital.


Remote Deposit   Merchant Services

Convenient and Efficient

Make deposits when it’s convenient for you with Remote Deposit from First Bank. With a desktop scanner and an internet connection, you can deposit checks to your First Bank account when it fits your schedule. Remote Deposit also helps you post your receivables faster and allows you to search checks and retrieve check images.


Electronic Commerce Solutions

Our comprehensive portfolio of innovative Merchant Services products allows your business to expand its payment acceptance options, increase sales, and reach out to more customers.

Enjoy the use of one of our debit or credit cards along with a money management consultation, employee rewards consultation and a merchant services quote.


  • Save time by reducing trips to the bank
  • Make deposits from any location
  • Receive same day credit for deposits up to 8:00 PM CT/6:00 PM PT local time
  • Use flexible search and reporting tools to manage reconcilement and resolve payment questions


  • Flexible options to allow you to accept payments from your customers using credit cards, debit cards, checks, and more.
  • Next day funding provides faster payment and increased cash flows
  • Send special offers and messages directly to your customers with Perka™ - a customizable loyalty and marketing solution.
  • Bring in more customers, try out new marketing ideas and see the results!
  • InsighticsSM uses your own sales information to help you uncover opportunities and build your business.
  • Technology solutions to support the way you want to accept payments, including contact/contactless terminals, wireless/mobile solutions, using your website, and more.
  • Unsurpassed reporting and information to give you online access to your payment processing account information.

Specialized Solutions 

  • Credit Card Acceptance
  • Debit Solutions
  • Electronic Check Conversion
  • Contactless Payments
  • Wireless Terminals
  • Internet
  • Electronic Benefits Transfer






ACH Services - Receipts   Lockbox Services

Cost Effective and Reliable

Improve your cash flow by receiving payments electronically through the Automated Clearing House (ACH). You’ll gain greater control over your cash receipts, improve your cash flow, and have a more cost-effective way to collect payments. Simply initiate the payment through Business eBanking or by an electronic file and let First Bank handle the rest.


Flexible Options

Reduce in-house processing costs with Lockbox services from First Bank. From smaller boxes with a few hundred payments per month to larger volumes with more complex processing requirements, First Bank has a solution for you. In addition to reducing mail float and collection expenses, we can provide access to online images as well as transmissions of images and payment data.


  • Reduce billing costs
  • Speed up the collection process
  • Eliminate the expense associated with receiving checks or wire transfers
  • Gain greater control and predictability over your accounts receivable process


  • Reduce in-house processing costs
  • Improve audit control
  • Accelerate funds availability
  • Go paperless with online image and document viewing

Specialized Solutions 

  • Wholesale Lockbox with Online Image Viewing
  • Wholesale Lockbox with Image and Data Transmission
  • Medical Lockbox
  • Medical Lockbox with full remittance and EOB processing





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To learn more about our Receivable Solutions and other ways we can assist your business, contact the First Bank Treasury Management Officer in your area.

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