Contributor: Dan Kraus, Home Loan Consultant

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Have you considered selling your home? If so, this is certainly a great time. Warmer temperatures during the spring bring more buyers out into the market to shop for a new home. According to the National Association of Realtors, homes are selling two weeks faster than they did even a year ago. Inventory is low and the local real estate market is hot, making conditions just right for a great home selling season.

“In my experience, buyers are looking for value,” said Dan Kraus, a First Bank Home Loan Consultant. “The more items that are updated, the easier it is for a buyer to decide whether or not to write a contract.” Kraus said he truly believes buyers have a calculator in their heads and can add up all the things that need to be done. To help prepare your home for selling, we’re offering helpful tips to make your home more attractive to potential buyers:

Half-Empty Closets: Home buyers in any market want to see ample storage space. Take out half your items and arrange the remaining items neatly to give the illusion of more space. Consider an offsite storage space to help reduce your home’s contents.

Light Up Your House:  Put higher-wattage bulbs to maximize light.  Trim bushes outside to let in as much light as possible. Arrange curtains so lighting is optimized in key areas.

Watch Pets:  Potential buyers may not be animal lovers. Keep odors to a minimum and don’t allow pets to run wild when potential buyers are looking at the house.  That could be a distraction and hinder them from seeing the home as their own.

Ready to Show:  Once you decide you are selling your home, it needs to be “show” ready at all times.  Cleaning is important to maximize first impressions.

Kitchen, Kitchen, Kitchen:  You’re selling your kitchen space as much as you are your house.  “In a kitchen, flooring, cabinets, appliances, and paint are all very important to update, if you can afford to do so,” said Kraus. “Some items could be safety issues or even noted on an inspection.”

Kraus said the more improvements needed and unappealing the home is at showings, the more buyers will lose interest. “When buyers walk into a home and the kitchen is updated, fresh paint is on the walls, and the home is well-maintained and clean,” said Kraus, “buyers are more willing to offer close to asking price.”

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