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Thrive Checking

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Getting a stimulus check?

Open a Thrive checking account with First Bank, and you can have your stimulus check directly deposited into the account.

Don't give your money away!

  • Save money (no check cashing fees with a First Bank account)
  • Get the money faster (with direct deposit)

Thrive Checking Account

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Using a checking account to manage your money is smart. Thrive Checking enables you to begin a financial journey with a checking account that protects your from fees and empowers you to become more knowledgeable about the benefits and mechanics of banking.

  • $25 minimum opening deposit
  • No minimum balance required
  • Avoid monthly maintenance fee with a direct deposit or by using your debit card.

Don't know if you're getting a stimulus check?

See if you're eligible by clicking here.

Click here to go to the IRS site to

  • Update your payment information.
  • Check the status of a payment from the IRS.

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