Kids Cash Kids Cash

Kids Cash

Kids Cash

Open a Kids Cash Savings account and receive a free First Bank Piggy Bank!

  • Open with just $5.00
  • No Monthly fee
  • Pays Interest on all balances

Piggy Bank

Plus, download the First Bank Kids Cash app 

And take the Kids Cash account to a higher level! The app can link to their savings account, and kids can watch their money grow, while developing vital life skills. Kids Cash allows families to talk about money with games directed at understanding different financial concepts, including:

  • Earning money (parents can assign chores – their first jobs!)
  • Needing money
  • Currency
  • Goal setting
  • Needs vs. wants
  • Savings

Search “Kids Cash” on the app store for Apple (Amazon coming soon) or on the Google Play store.

Your device. Your choice.

Available for clients under the age 18 when they are primary owner with another account holder being age of majority. Transaction limitations apply.