As I write this, a noticeable change is in the air. The temps aren’t necessarily cold yet, but the days are getting slightly shorter. There’s a crispness to the mornings I’ve always found inviting. There’s definitely a change of seasons coming.

Although we know the seasons will change and time will march on, we don’t always think it will come as quickly as it often does. In other words, it can really sneak up on us. The same can be said of the change of seasons in our own lives.

From our childhood and the progression from grade to grade and on to graduation, jobs, and retirement, the passing of time is inevitable. Planning ahead for them is not.

I’ve encountered many ‘change of season’ moments in my own life. The most recent being the change of seasons in my role with my own parents. I remember the time and coordination it took to find comfortable, supportive care for my parents in a care facility. We were blessed to find such an organization that could care for both parents–even though they were at differing stages of their long-term care needs.

That’s why I’m so pleased with First Bank’s relationship with an organization like Spectrum Retirement Communities, LLC in St. Louis. Spectrum’s luxury-styled, all-inclusive care approach gives families the needed peace-of-mind they need, at a time when they need it most. I can certainly appreciate that.

Recently, I’ve read due to the growing senior population, coupled with the shortage of funds, the U.S. is now in the midst of a significant caregiving crisis1. This concerns me. Not only do we want the best for our aging baby boomers, but we also need to ensure we’re planning ahead for our own long-term care needs. We can help with that. Whether at home or at a facility, caregiving needs occur from injury or illness at any time–at any age.

Work with our professionals to help insulate your family against its financial and emotional impacts. An estimated 95% of parents haven’t discussed their long-term care wishes with adult children2. Don’t wait. Remember, seasons change. I urge you to save for the rainy days, but plan for the sunny ones. Let’s look ahead.