The summer games have begun with the lighting of the torch. It’s such an awe-inspiring moment to see, considering the flame has traveled for months, through countless cities, and carried by over 12,000 torchbearers. The teamwork and collaboration it takes to make this a reality is simply miraculous.

The ideology of the games and bringing that many people, across multiple continents and cultures, into one majestic moment for one common goal is nothing short of phenomenal. These athletes all aspire to a common goal: to achieve greatness, to overcome obstacles, and to compete for the gold. They, along with the help of innumerable people, are making that dream a reality.

And, although medals are made of gold, silver, and recycled electronics (an effort toward sustainability), that’s not really what goes into them. Medals are really made of the young athlete that gets up before dawn to start training; the daily determination to stick with the proper diet plan; and the perseverance to believe he or she can compete at a global level.

Helping clients win whatever race they’re running has always been our tradition, or gold standard. Much like an athlete depends on coaches and trainers, business owners have relied upon First Bank to help support their goals for over a century.

We’re helping one such St. Louis based entrepreneur, Jimmy Sansone, founder of the clothing line, The Normal Brand, realize his dream of defining Midwest fashion. “I always thought a ‘normal’ shirt was needed, or clothes you could wear from downtown at work to the outdoors after work,” said Sansone. “My goal wasn’t to create a normal, mundane clothing line but one that was extraordinary–a true representation of the hardworking, humble people from the Midwest.” Launching his family owned start-up in 2015 with a dream and a few apparel designs in his parents’ basement, The Normal Brand is now selling in 50 states, by 100 retailers, has 500K monthly social media engagements, and anticipates revenue to exceed $2 million. Having achieved medal-worthy results, Sansone is anything but ‘just normal’.

Whether it’s the dream of breaking new business records or passing the torch along to the next generation, our team can help coach you to greatness. What gold medal are you striving to obtain?

After all, your plan for tomorrow should start by dreaming big today. Let’s reach for the stars–and the gold.