Our calendar at home is starting to fill with a variety of invitations for summertime activities, particularly graduation celebrations and June weddings. Both are joyous celebrations in young lives.

June is considered the official month of weddings, or so I’ve been told. I always assumed it was due to the warmer weather and sunnier days, but it actually stems from ancient beliefs, when marrying in June was thought to bless young couples with prosperity and good fortune. If only achieving the American Dream was as simple as luck and chance!

Newlyweds and young couples today are faced with many opportunities and choices ahead of them. Life’s bigger questions start to surface–such as the best place to live or raise a family; what are the short and long-term savings goals; who will handle the family’s finances; and what are the shared plans for retirement? Oh, and we can’t forget about determining who will do the nightly dinner dishes.

Seriously, though, making smart decisions today, can make an enormous impact on a couple’s future, financial outlook, and their happily ever after. Often, couples bring their own set of values and strategies for handling and managing money. Typically, one partner is stronger in one aspect, like day-to-day bill paying, while the other spouse is better at handling long-term investment strategies.

Whatever your financial strengths may be, setting goals together may not always be romanticized for new couples, but it should definitely be on the list of ‘to-do’s’ after – or even before – the ‘I-do’s.’

Life happens.

From your first joint banking account to that carefree retirement villa, our experienced wealth advisors and mortgage professionals are here to help along the way. We’re committed to building lifelong relationships with our clients. What better time to get started?

On the road of life, many adventures await. Let’s get started on your happily ever after today.