In order to help you meet your financial goals, we’d like to take this opportunity to assess and improve your overall savings strategy. Financial Literacy Month is a good time to ask ourselves if we’re doing all we can to meet our savings goals. A few small changes daily, weekly, and monthly can have a big impact on your overall financial future.

To help put you on the path toward savings success, we’re offering the following tips:

• Set a goal. The first step is to establish a realistic savings goal. Consider your expenses, make a budget, and determine how much you can put away each month. First Bank offers online planning tools and calculators to help you set a goal!

• Track your spending. Hold yourself to the budget you’ve set by tracking your expenses. Consider using websites that will segment your spending so you can easily see what areas, if any, you are going over budget. Then, you can adjust accordingly.

• Pay yourself first. Arrange to have a specific amount automatically transferred to your savings account every pay period with account-to-account transfer. If you wait until the end of the month to see what's left over, you are less likely to save.

• Consult a banker. Stop in to First Bank and speak with a banker about which package of products and services would best suit your saving needs.

• Consider investments. For long-term goals, such as saving for a home or retirement, look into bonds, mutual funds, real estate and stocks.

• Set up automatic bill pay. Although 97 percent of Americans pay their bills on time, some consumers find themselves paying late fees. Set up automatic bill pay so you’re never paying more than needed. Since April is Financial Literacy Month, it’s a great time to start or refresh good savings behavior.

Let’s start saving!