Although technology has improved our lives in countless ways, it’s also inundated us with around-the-clock headlines. That said, the past several months have certainly challenged us emotionally as we’ve witnessed an unprecedented amount of natural disasters and other tragedies. Our hearts go out to those impacted.

In times like these, it’s essential to stay focused on the positives–especially the heroes. You see, I’ve always heard in times of tragedy, “to look for the helpers.” You’ll always find people ready and willing to selflessly help their fellow man in times of need.

From dedicated first responders to off-duty officers and veterans helping to save those critically wounded; not to mention, good Samaritans putting themselves in harm’s way to rescue fellow strangers, we’ve seen countless acts of heroism. For this, we honor you.

As I’ve mentioned, First Bank’s Tribute to the Greatest Generation of heroes is seen through our support of the Greater St. Louis Honor Flight (GSLHF) program in conjunction with the St. Louis Blues. First Bank is not just here to offer banking products and services, but also to be active members of the communities in which we serve. For our veteran and service community, we always strive to support you for sacrificing so much for all of us.

One such First Bank client, the eldest hero we’ve honored to date, is 97-year-old WWII Veteran Jerome Huelsman. Corporal Huelsman served in the Army from 1942–1945 in the 94th Division, part of General Patton’s Third Army. During the brutal Battle of the Bulge, Patton’s Third Army broke through German lines where they helped the soldiers valiantly defending against relentless German assaults. We salute you, Jerome. This November, I implore you to honor the heroes–both past and present. Not only are we truly thankful for the service of our veterans to protect our freedoms, but also to the heroes on the streets each day, responding, aiding, protecting, and serving. You see, true heroism can be seen in many forms, while deeply ingrained throughout America’s history. These traditions of service are a reflection of our past and a nod to the future. Let’s honor. Let’s salute service. Let’s give thanks.

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