The issue of cyber security is up to all of us. Current news and events continually highlight the need to stay up-to-date and informed on this widespread global issue.

One of the most basic items we can all do to protect our information and data is to create strong passwords. Creating strong passwords is as easy as 1-2-3. You should always 1) create unique passwords for each of your online accounts; 2) create passwords with intricate combinations of numeric and alphabetic characters; and 3) always change passwords frequently.

While you’re creating these strong passwords, you may ask what are the worst passwords to use? According to SplashData, the top five WORST passwords to use are:

1) 123456
2) password
3) 12345
4) 12345678
5) qwerty

A few others also made the list, like ‘baseball,’ ‘letmein,’ and ‘abc123’. If you are currently using any of these passwords, change them as soon as possible. Also, if you’re using the same passwords for multiple accounts, consider changing them. 

Creating strong passwords are another layer—and an important one—of cyber security.

Let’s get prepared!

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