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It’s Possible to Save Money While on Vacation

Summer vacation plans for many travelers have already begun. For many, this is the one week (or two) each year where everyone in the family is off from school, work, and team sports, so the desire to splurge is certainly understandable. Although enjoying your well-deserved vacation should be the primary goal, it’s also necessary to keep over-spending in check by having a reasonable budget in mind. Vacations can be expensive—the average American household spent approximately $1,800 per person on summer vacations last year, and that cost continues to rise in 2017. With over 44% of that budget going toward transportation, establishing an overall vacation budget is better done BEFORE the trip, not after the excitement has already begun. Not sure where to begin? Let’s get started! 1) Check with a trusted travel agent. Although there are many resources available online, checking with a travel agent before your trip may prove to be helpful. Often, agents have access to special offers and res ...

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Top 8 Tips for Saving Money While on Vacation

You got a great price on your airfare and your accommodations but your battle to save on vacation isn't over. Our tips at First Bank to spend smart on vacation when you are tempted to splurge. BYOF: Bring your own food Airports and airlines are notorious for charging high prices. Pack a meal or pick up food ahead if your boarding time is around a meal. Bring snacks or a meal on a flight rather than purchasing the more expensive menu options offered on the flight. You can also pack healthier meal options than what is normally offered at the airport or on the plane. Plan ahead Busy schedule and didn’t have time to research ahead? Most airports offer free Wi-Fi. While waiting to board your flight is a good time to search for deals before you arrive at your destination. For example, museums may offer a discount for booking ahead or restaurants with happy hour deals can be a great alternative to a formal dinner. Websites like TripAdvisor and Yelp are helpful resources to begin in your research. ...

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