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First Bank Offers Tips to Manage Holiday Spending

Black Friday doesn’t have to lead to black marks on your credit report. The holiday shopping season is well underway.  We’d like to offer tips to manage holiday spending and avoid a post-holiday credit hangover. Consumers spreading holiday cheer should keep in mind that January bills are only a couple of months away. If consumers are not budgeting for their holiday purchases, people will find themselves bringing in the New Year with last year’s debt. This isn’t a good step to take if your goal is to save. First Bank recommends that clients manage their finances this holiday season with the following spending tips: • Create a budget and stick to it. Set a dollar amount based on what you can afford this holiday season considering your current savings, income and other expenses. Be sure to include a $20 to $100 cushion for unexpected expenses. • Make a list. Santa isn’t the only one who needs a list! Write down the names of the people you plan to buy gi ...

Let’s Take a Look at Passwords

The issue of cyber security is up to all of us. Current news and events continually highlight the need to stay up-to-date and informed on this widespread global issue. One of the most basic items we can all do to protect our information and data is to create strong passwords. Creating strong passwords is as easy as 1-2-3. You should always 1) create unique passwords for each of your online accounts; 2) create passwords with intricate combinations of numeric and alphabetic characters; and 3) always change passwords frequently. While you’re creating these strong passwords, you may ask what are the worst passwords to use? According to SplashData, the top five WORST passwords to use are: 1) 123456 2) password 3) 12345 4) 12345678 5) qwerty A few others also made the list, like ‘baseball,’ ‘letmein,’ and ‘abc123’. If you are currently using any of these passwords, change them as soon as possible. Also, if you’re using the same passwords for multi ...

There’s a Season for Everything—Including a Time to Prepare, a Time to Sell

Seasonality, in any business, can wreak havoc on cash flow.  Whether you’re in the construction trades, a wedding planner, or a lawn care professional, all business owners feel the burden of having to manage expenses during the ebbs and flow of the seasons.  From startups to maturing companies, analyzing your overall cash management strategy annually, while also including growth preparation, is key to long-term sustainability. Strategize Periods of Downtime If you own or operate a seasonal business, you’ll need to consider how to best maximize periods of downtime.  Generally, seasonal companies utilize that timeframe as an opportunity to train, prepare for busier periods, or recover.  Savvy companies may use the entire off-season preparing for growth by conducting effective sales calls while the rest of the competition is preoccupied.  Increasing sales staff should be a consideration to help boost your seasonal profitability. However, the costs associated with this n ...

#TipTuesday: Give Gifts – Not Your Identity This Holiday Season

With identity theft high during the busy holiday season, First Bank provides the following protective tips. According to a recent online survey completed by The Harris Poll, nearly 60 million Americans have been affected by identity theft.* Identity theft is especially prevalent during the holiday season, as criminals take advantage of the hustle and bustle to steal your personal and financial information. Protect yourself and your financial information during the holidays and beyond using these tips and keep your cards and information “wrapped up”! Debit cards and chip security. Debit cards are much more convenient than checks, allowing you to get through checkout lines faster. However, always be aware of your surroundings and keep your card and PIN out of sight at all times. Identity thieves may resort to watching you enter your PIN – or worse, taking a picture of your card or a picture/video of your card and PIN entry with their cell phone. - Chip technology adds an a ...



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