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How Does a Luxury Vehicle to Chauffer you from the Airport Sound?

First Bank Debit Mastercard® Offers Convenience, Luxury, and so Much More! During the busy holiday season, it’s easy to use your First Bank Debit Mastercard® for your purchases and appreciate all of the convenience it offers. Not to mention, enjoy the ease and security of not carrying cash. But, did you know there are also additional benefits of using your First Bank debit card that can help you ease through the holidays as well? Just take a look at a few of the hidden benefits of using your First Bank debit card: Mastercard Airport Concierge™ Service—Traveling for the holidays? With a First Bank debit card, you can enjoy 15% savings on Airport Meet and Greet Services. With these services, you can arrange for a personal, dedicated agent to escort you through the airport. Talk about added security and comfort! Plus, with Mastercard Airport Concierge Service™, certain airports will expedite you or consult your Travel Advisor.--> through ...

Shop Securely This Holiday Season

While it gets easier and more convenient to complete all your holiday shopping from your computer or phone, it also makes shoppers more susceptible to fraud, identity theft, and various scams. Though fraudsters and scam artists are active year-round, online shoppers are especially vulnerable to their crimes during the busy holiday season. According to a recent survey, cybercrime will generate at least $1.5 trillion this year.* First Bank recommends following these tips to keep your holidays merry and bright – and your financial information safe – as you do your shopping: Shop safely. Before shopping online, verify that the site uses secure technology. Once you’ve reached the checkout screen, or while shopping an e-commerce site, make sure the web address begins with https. The ‘s’ on the end of the https actually stands for secure. Another way to confirm a trustworthy shopping website is the inclusion of a tiny, locked padlock icon in the address bar.   Secu ...

Deck the Halls without Racking Up Credit Card Debt

Understand the benefits of using a debit card rather than a credit card during the holidays and beyond. Whether you’re holiday shopping or doing your regular run-of-the-mill grocery run, it’s all too easy to grab for the plastic in your wallet. We do it mindlessly; even if there are multiple cards in your wallet. But this holiday season can be a great reminder to pay with plastic more mindfully, especially as you shop beyond the holidays or make financial New Year’s resolutions. Did you know that 77% of payments are made with plastic over cash or checks?* Of that 77%, 44% of shoppers pay with a debit card — and with good reason. Unwrap these advantages to see why choosing a debit card payment will benefit you, especially during the holidays. Theft and fraud protection benefits. Many debit card issuers include protection benefits to keep you and your financial information safeguarded from criminals. In fact, cardholders who proactively use issuer-provided safety and security tools ...

First Bank Offers Tips to Help Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

According to the National Council on Aging, almost 90 percent of the financial abuse committed against older Americans is sadly done by someone they know. More than ever, it’s imperative for seniors to select a trustworthy person to properly manage their finances and personal affairs. First Bank offers tips to help choose the right financial caregiver and prevent financial abuse: When delegating financial decisions, make sure it’s someone you trust. If you’re unable to facilitate financial transactions, carefully choose a trustworthy person to act as your agent in all financial matters. Know who is in your home. Conduct a thorough background check on all individuals you hire for personal care or home care services. Check references and credentials before you let them into your personal space. Understand the terms of assigning a Power of Attorney (POA). Granting someone POA gives them the authority to act and make decisions on your behalf, including managing and having access ...

First Bank Provides Tips for Stopping Elder Financial Abuse in its Tracks

Every year, millions of seniors fall victim to financial fraud. Studies show elder financial abuse costs seniors approximately $2.9 billion each year. First Bank is urging older clients and their trusted caregivers to safeguard all personal information and stay alert to the common signs of financial abuse. Fraudsters often prey on seniors experiencing cognitive decline, limited mobility, and other disabilities that require them to rely more heavily on others for help. Appointing someone you know and trust to handle your financial matters aids tremendously in the fight against these crimes. First Bank is offering the following tips: Plan ahead to protect your assets and to ensure your wishes are followed. Talk to someone at your financial institution, an attorney, or financial advisor about the best options for you. Carefully choose a trustworthy person to act as your agent in all estate-planning matters. Lock up your checkbook, account statements, and other sensitive information when other ...



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