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4 Simple Steps to Stop A Cyber Thief

First Bank Raises Awareness for Data Privacy Day Jan. 28 In recognition of National Data Privacy Day on Monday, Jan. 28, First Bank is urging consumers to take an active role in protecting their data. As always, First Bank’s first priority is to protect our clients’ money and their financial data. We use a combination of safeguards to protect our clients’ information and we certainly encourage our clients to partner with us in that effort. To help ensure the safety of your personal information, we’d like to offer the following four tips: Create complex passwords. Avoid birthdays, pet names and simple passwords like 12345. Because friendly theft – theft by someone the victim knows – is the most common type of identity theft or fraud, don’t share your passwords with family members and be mindful of who has access to your personal information. Keep tabs on your accounts. Check account activity and online statements often, instead of waiting for the mont ...

A New Year Means New Financial Resolutions

Set up a budget to help you get started! January typically means fresh resolutions and goals for the New Year. Whether it’s weight loss, a new hobby, changing careers, or simply saving more money, writing it down can mean the difference between achieving your goals and not achieving your goals. In fact, experts agree that by establishing a plan and writing down your goals, you’re more likely to achieve them. If you’re like many of us, saving money and establishing a long-term savings plan may be at the top of your to-do list. According to a NerdWallet survey (2018), over 84% of Americans make financial resolutions for the New Year but, sadly, over 50% who made them in 2018 failed to achieve their monetary goals. We want to help you stick to them, so let’s get started. The first part of any financial plan must start by telling your money where to go. If you simply deposit it, forget it, and spend it, then you’ll likely be left wondering at the end of the month where it a ...



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