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Are you Safe Online?

Using the Internet daily is something many of us do, and unfortunately, we can often fall victim to cybercrime. Knowing what cybersecurity measures to take, how to recognize scams, and being careful of where you click, can help you become more knowledgeable when it comes to protecting yourself online against attackers. Something as simple as clicking on an unfamiliar link or opening an attachment can be the reason for major data loss. Important measures to take: Be careful where you click. The number one way to increase your cybersecurity is to be mindful of where you click. Avoid visiting websites that you aren’t sure of, and refrain from downloading software from suspicious sources. Often, these things contain malware that will immediately compromise your information without you knowing. Keep your software and computer up-to-date. Installing software and program updates can help keep your information secure. Always install the latest security updates and regularly keep plug ...

Ransomware is Growing Threat for Businesses

To help in the fight against cybercriminal activity, governments and industries alike have come together in support of National Cyber Security Awareness. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that banks, financial institutions, and organizations spend hundreds of millions of dollars to protect the data and financial information of their clients. As cybercriminal activity continues to climb, that amount is only sure to increase. Marc Ashworth, CISSP, CISM, CRISC, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Security Officer for First Bank, said one particular form of cybercriminal activity is gaining in prominence. “There’s been another large surge in ransomware in 2019,” he said. “Basically, it’s become very big business. The bad players have created an underground criminal network and are making a lot of money with it.” He continued that they continue to grow in strength and are becoming more organized. “The bad actors have even started leasing out their ransom ...



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