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Your First Class Introduction to College Banking 101

It’s that time of year when summer is coming to an end and the beginning of another school year is quickly closing in. Whether you’re a returning college student or a first-year freshman, there are a lot of things you need to do before the semester starts. Choosing a college or university can be a difficult decision, as many factors will come into play. With the expenses you will incur while away at school, having access to cash is a must. Plus, the process to obtain your money should be as easy as possible for your on-the-go lifestyle. Student Checking Opening a student checking account is a practical solution for clients who are between the ages of 16 and 24. Opening this account offers a wide variety of benefits including your first order of checks at a discounted rate, eBanking, mobile banking, free eStatements, free bill pay, and much more. For more information on terms/charges and features/benefits, please visit checking account options. eBanking Secure eBanking is a great option if you lik ...

How Will You or Your Child Pay for College?

In a fast paced, competitive job market, the desire for obtaining a college degree is at the top of many minds. Whether you have been dreaming of attending college since you were a child, or you’ve recently decided to attend, figuring out how to pay for your education can be difficult. What’s the price? Expectedly, the price of tuition has risen over time. College expenses aren’t what they used to be 50 years ago; and they certainly won’t be the same as they are now in 50 years. As the importance of a degree continues to increase, the price tag also seems to increase right along with it. Let’s face it. College tuition is expensive, regardless if you attend a public university or a private university. The average annual cost for a four-year public university varies, depending on if you are an in-state or out-of-state student. For in-state students, the average cost is $9,716 per year. For out-of-state students, the average cost is $21,629 per year. For a four-year pri ...

Scam Alert: Worshippers Beware

Recently, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has reported a new wave of scams; this time, they’re targeting people of faith. As always, First Bank is committed to keeping you informed of scams that have the potential to impact you or family. The Scam The scammers imitate a trusted pastor, priest, bishop, or rabbi. They ask for donations by gift card for various causes. Although the majority of these scams are being delivered through email, there have also been reports of the scammers using texts and phone calls. The fraudulent message asks the targeted victim to purchase a gift card (or multiple gift cards), typically from iTunes, Google Play, or Amazon, and then requests the gift card number, along with the secure number on the back of the card. Once the criminal has the gift card number, your gift card and the money that was on it, is gone. First Bank would like to remind clients to stay vigilant and watch for the following: Fraudulent emails may look legitimate, but always review a ...



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