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Reinhardt Dairy

We often speak to the importance of family-owned business and its vital impact to our economy. After recent visits to several of our local community branches, it occurred to me that I haven’t highlighted one such local business sector – our friends in the agricultural industry. June is National Dairy Month, so there’s no better time to celebrate all agricultural providers, both large and small. Technological advances are occurring at such a rapid pace in all fields; agriculture is certainly no exception. One First Bank client, Reinhardt Dairy in Red Bud, IL, has experienced first-hand the impact technology has made to its day-to-day operations. In a concerted effort to maximize productivity and offer their family a better lifestyle, Reinhardt Dairy recently invested in upgrading from the labor-intensive operations of yesterday to a fully-operational robotic farm facility. “We were spending 12 hours a day milking only 135 cows,” said David Reinhardt, owner and operator of ...