First Bank Celebrates National Small Business Week (April 30 – May 6) Just 4 Us company logo

At First Bank, we realize small business is the foundation of growth and prosperity in America. In fact, small business accounts for 66% of all net new job creation, according to the Small Business Association. We celebrate small business!

One such First Bank client, Just 4 Us Childcare, is poised for future growth and expansion. Patricia Frank, owner and founder of Just 4 Us Childcare, started her small business with a mission to find a way for parents who couldn't afford the most expensive child care, to still receive solid quality care. Just 4 Us Childcare, now in four locations and nationally accredited, continues to innovate with creative learning solutions for children. “We’ve always lead the industry in staying ahead of the curve and finding the newest and most creative ways to teach our children,” said Frank, “while giving them a safe and fun environment to grow and learn.”

She said throughout the years her facilities have added improvements, including an online app for parents to get electronic "real time" updates on their child. The app allows us to communicate with our parents, even sending them pictures of their child enjoying the activities throughout the day. At the time of pick up, the parents receive an electronic summary of what their child ate, when they slept, what they learned, and any notes. Plus, after adding an online viewing app, parents/customers have the ability to view the child's classroom all throughout the day. “We want all of our parents to feel comfortable and engaged in their child's day,” said Frank.

She was delighted to say that Just 4 Us Childcare is the ONLY child care center in St Charles County to be designated as an EAT SMART facility by the State of Missouri. “It took us over one year of re-doing our menus, alongside a nutritionist, to insure that we serve more lean meats, leafy greens, less sugary items, and an overall more healthy eating experience,” she said. “We continue to hold this honor.”

Over the past few years, Just 4 Us Childcare partnered with First Bank to help improvements to their current facilities and to grow into larger facilities. “It was important for us to know that we had a bank that was truly interested in helping the local business market with their needs,” said Frank. “In an effort to improve and update our playgrounds, and to assist with making improvements for accreditation, we received funding from First Bank". Their experience and knowledge are outstanding! They were very hands on and attentive to our needs, while at the same time, offering us business solutions. I can't say enough about the professionalism and attentiveness that have been provided by First Bank. Most large banks take forever when completing an application for funding or expansion; however, First Bank has been fast and very responsive to our needs and deadlines.”