When Kevin Mullaney, second-generation owner of PDF Print Communications, a Long Beach business forms printer, was researching a new financial services partner, he knew exactly what his company needed.

“I wanted to find a bank that was smaller, offering a more personalized relationship,” Mullaney said. “When I researched banks, I found that First Bank was well-established and family-owned. They’re family-owned just like us. That’s one of the things we liked about First Bank.”

PDF Print Communications was started by his father. “As we continue to grow, it feels like First Bank is truly excited to be a part of it,” he continued. “Big decisions are often made right away–often even faster than I need them to be.”

Maria Hunter, his First Bank Commercial Relationship Manager, has worked diligently to ensure PDF Print Communications has the tools and credit facilities they need for long-term growth. Mullaney said he was very impressed with First Bank’s online banking platform and cash management solutions. “First Bank had an online solution for us to utilize a single-view source for multiple business account entities. The ‘big’ banks couldn’t offer that to us.”

Much like First Bank, PDF Print Communications is multi-generational, while choosing to maintain a long-term relationship style approach to serving clients. “We’re a family-owned business and want to be the best at what we do,” said Mullaney. Poised for growth, “The personal relationship is just what we’re looking for in a bank. It’s nice to be treated personally, like a friend.”