Yukon Plastering

When Mike Rizzo, owner of Yukon Plastering, Inc., became a client over 40 years ago, First Bank had first opened its branch in our area. “I’ve been with First Bank as far back as I can remember,” said Rizzo. “They’ve been easy to work with and have always been good to me.”

Mike and his wife, Linda, have continued to grow their plastering business with an eye toward their long-term goals. Rizzo said, “First Bank has always shown a lot of faith in me with a willingness to stand behind me. They’ve even shown me how to do things to help my business, while encouraging me every step of the way.”

Preparing for future growth, Rizzo is contemplating the purchase of commercial real estate for expansion. “First Bank has offered many services to help grow my business,” he said. “I’ve banked elsewhere and its just not the same–they’re fantastic.”

“First Bank treats me like an individual.” – Mike Rizzo, Yukon Plastering. “They’ve always had my back.”