Welcome to an overview of First Bank's Business eBanking service. Once logged-in you're taken to your dashboard, you can customize your dashboard panels to show information you feel is important such as balance recent transactions or transfer and payment approvals just to name a few. Simply click the add info panel button and search through the different options. You can rearrange the panels to further customize your experience by clicking and dragging them. The menu bar at the top of the page allows you to navigate the site. Please note modules or selections may not be visible depending on your service under the reports tab you can view the account and balance activity, online documents and a variety of other reports tailored to your business needs. The transfer and payments menu allows you to transfer funds, pay bills or create an ACH or wire payments. In the account services menu you can place a stop payment access positive pay services or reorder checks. Ready to know more? Return to the menu and watch the other videos on our specific products and services.