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Family Business: Protecting Your Life’s Work

This year National Small Business week was April 30th to May 6th. The week celebrates over 28 million small businesses across the United States1 highlighting the hardworking local business owner. These individuals are passionate about their business and often pour their heart, sweat, and tears into it. Typically the business is the largest source of wealth and income for family business owners. It takes years to build a business; however, it can take only a moment to put that in jeopardy. We passionately feel everyone should have a strategy around managing risk and protection. Protect Your Earning Power In a recent study conducted of business owners2, it was discovered that many business owners are not adequately protecting their largest asset—the business—and earning power. On average, at least 60% of annual household income is generated from the business. In our experience, this percentage is much higher. Managing risk becomes even more critical for an owner who has their personal and busine ...

Donating Appreciated Securities for Charity

With the global stock markets near or at all-time highs, we thought it might be appropriate to re-visit this topic. The following is a reprint from last year’s newsletter. Tax deductions are a major benefit of charitable giving. Before cashing out of a profitable investment, consider making efficient use of its full value by donating it directly to charity. Charitable giving provides donors with tax relief every tax season in the form of deductions. In an effort to encourage positive social action, the IRS provides incentives for all kinds of charitable contributions, from monetary donations to used cars. You can even donate your appreciated securities (stocks, bonds, mutual funds, etc. that have risen in value) to the charity of your choice. Long-term appreciated securities are the most common non-cash donations, and they can be the best way for donors to give more to their chosen charities. The tax advantages to donating stocks are such that both the donor and the charity benefit. What are the b ...

Capital Markets Update - May 2017

Much like the weather patterns in the Midwest, March came in like lion with the S&P 500 hitting an all-time high in early March, but returns were then flattish through most of the rest of March and  through early April, before a late month rally again pushed stocks to new highs. For the month of April, the S&P 500 was up 1.03% with most of that gain coming in the last week of the month. For  the year, the S&P 500 is now up 7.2%. Internationally, the news is even better. For the year, the MSCI EAFE Developed Market Index up 10.2%, the MSCI Emerging Market Index up 13.9% and the MSCI EAFE Developed Small Cap Index up 12.8%. International returns have trailed the U.S. stock market for the past four years leading to lower valuations, so part of the international stock market rally is the rest of the world playing “catch-up” this year vs. the U.S. stock market. Investors are reaping the benefits this year of higher internation ...




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