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Whether you’re buying your first home or building your custom dream home, First Bank Mortgage has a solution for you. We understand the variety of home loan programs and companies you have to choose from when deciding which type of loan you need and which company meets those needs. Our experienced mortgage loan professionals are committed to taking you from application to closing with ease and no hassles.

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Conventional Loan Image

Fixed or Adjustable Rate Options

If you have excellent credit, can make a down payment of 5% or more, and plan to stay in your home for a long period of time, a conventional mortgage loan might be the best option for you.


  • Fixed or adjustable rate options
  • Terms and conditions meet the funding criteria of the Federal National Mortgage Association (Fannie Mae) and Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (Freddie Mac)


Fixed Rate Image

Consistent, Broad Terms Available

If you’re looking for a predictable loan, with a wide range of payback time frames, a fixed rate mortgage loan from First Bank might be for you. A fixed rate mortgage loan offers you an interest rate that is constant for the life of your loan. Your monthly principal and interest payment amount will always be the same.


  • A wide range of terms.
  • Shorter terms allow buyers to build equity quicker
  • Ideal when interest rates are low
  • May qualify for a temporary buy down
  • Predictable monthly principal and interest payment
  • Protection from rising interest rates for the life of the loan


Jumbo Loan Image

Ideal For a Larger, High End Home

If you want to buy a larger home, a Jumbo Loan might be right for you. Candidates who seek a Jumbo Loan are generally looking for a larger, high-end single family home and need a loan amount that exceeds limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. A Jumbo Loan cannot be less than $453,100.


  • Fixed and adjustable rate options
  • Primary residences, second home or vacation home
  • Variety of loan terms available
  • Extra mortgage features such as temporary buy downs may be available
  • No private mortgage insurance
  • Interest on a loan up to $1 million is tax deductible


FHA Loan Image

Flexible, Low Down Payment Options

Looking for a loan with more flexible qualification requirements and attractive interest rates? An FHA Loan may be just what you need. The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) provides government-backed mortgage insurance to help borrowers buy homes.


  • Qualified buyers may enjoy a flexible down payment option of just 3.5%
  • Well suited for borrowers with less than perfect credit
  • An attractive option for those without a lot of money for a down payment
  • Allows "gift funds" if a family member, or employer, or a grant from a state or local government can contribute to a down payment


VA Loan Image

Designed For Qualified Veterans

Military veterans and active service personnel are eligible for Veterans Administration (VA) home loan financing from the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs. While the VA does not loan money, it backs loans made to qualified veterans. First Bank has the experience and knowledge to assist you with a VA loan.


  • Fixed or adjustable rate options
  • No down payment when the purchase price does not exceed the appraised value
  • No monthly mortgage insurance
  • Seller may pay closing and VA funding fees if costs don’t exceed 4% of the loan
  • No prepayment penalties
  • Qualify for 100% financing of the sales price
  • Not limited to first-time buyers and may re-use VA benefits
  • Loans may be assumable by another qualified veteran


Adjustable Rate Image

Fluctuating Rate Loan

A First Bank Adjustable Rate Mortgage Loan offers an interest rate that fluctuates over the life of the loan. If you want a lower interest rate during the initial stages of owning your home, an adjustable rate mortgage loan is an attractive option.


  • Popular choice if you expect your household income will rise in the future
  • Dividend opportunity should interest rates decrease during the life of the loan
  • Includes interest rate caps that sets a limit on how high your interest rate can go


Bond Loan Image

Ideal For Low To Medium Income Buyers

Bond Loans are designed to lower the cost of home ownership for low to medium income candidates. The loan is made available by state and local housing agencies through the sale of tax-exempt and/or taxable mortgage bonds.


  • Lower interest rates than FHA and conventional loans
  • Down payment and/or closing cost assistance


Rural Loan Image

No Money Down Financing

A Rural Housing Loan is a U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) insured home loan that allows you to purchase, build, repair, renovate or relocate a home in a rural area. If you've never heard of the USDA loan program, you're not alone.

Eligible suburban and rural home buyers can use it for 100%, no-money down mortgage financing. This program is also known as a USDA Loan or Section 502 Loan.

An attractive feature of a Rural Housing Loan is the option to put no money down when financing as a first-time home buyer or repeat home buyer.

A 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is common and USDA rates are among the lowest for any home loan.


  • No down payment required
  • No prepayment penalties to pay
  • You can finance 100% of the home cost
  • Closing costs can be financed in to the loan
  • Funds are available to prepare a site including providing water and sewage facilities
  • Applicants may have an income of up to 115% of the median income for the area
  • The repayment schedule is similar to a traditional loan


Construction Loan Image

Ideal for Small or Large Construction Projects

Thinking about a construction loan? We can help! A First Bank Construction Loan is ideal for a new home, commercial real estate or tenant improvements.


  • Fixed loan option
  • 12 month term