Going Mobile!

Mobile Deposit makes your life easier!  With this exciting new solution from First Bank you can now take a picture of a check with your mobile device and it is deposited into the First Bank account of your choice.  It's simple, easy and saves you a trip to the bank!  

Getting Started

Mobile Banking
Mobile Deposit is available to you if you are registered for our online banking service, have downloaded the app, are the owner of the account and have a supported mobile device. 

Accessing Mobile Deposit
To download the latest version of our mobile app visit the iTunes or the Google Play store based on your smartphone type. After your download is complete, log in using your online banking credentials. Choose "Deposit" from the menu options.

Download Options    Technology Versions
You can use mobile deposit on Android devices with OS version 4.x or newer and iPhone with IOS version 5.0.1 or newer. 

Required Connection
While First Bank does not charge a fee for using Mobile Banking, messaging and data rates may apply.  Check with your carrier for details regarding your specific wireless plan, including any text messaging or data usage charges.

Types of Checks
Mobile Deposit will accept most domestic checks, including payroll, personal or business checks. 

Confirmation Message
Once you submit a check for deposit you will receive a confirmation message stating the status of the check. Access the "View Deposit History" area to see previous deposits made within the past 30 days.  A check will show as "pending" until it has been cleared through First Bank. 

Common Questions
More helpful information regarding Mobile Deposit is below in Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Banking Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is Mobile Deposit?
    • Mobile Deposit is a service within First Bank’s mobile app that lets you deposit checks into your First Bank checking, savings and money market account by taking a picture of the check using your Android or iPhone smartphone or your iPad.
  • How do I access Mobile Deposit?
    • Download the latest version of First Bank’s mobile app from iTunes or the Google Play store. Then login using your Online Banking credentials and choose the ‘Deposit’ menu item.
  • Who can use Mobile Deposit?
    • Mobile Deposit is available for any Personal client who is registered for First Bank’s Online Banking service, has downloaded the First Bank Mobile Banking app, is an owner of a First Bank checking, savings or money market account and has a supported Android or iPhone smartphone or iPad.
  • Which smartphones can I use with Mobile Deposit?
    • You can use smartphones that use the following operating systems: Android OS versions 4.X or newer and iPhone/iPad iOS versions 5.0.1 or newer
  • What kind of connection does my smartphone need?
    • Your mobile device must have a Wi-Fi connection and/or a data plan that allows data transmission via the Internet. You are responsible for any fees your wireless carrier may charge for associated data or message services.
  • What type of checks can I deposit with Mobile Deposit?
    • Mobile Deposit can accept most domestic checks, including payroll, personal or business checks. We are unable to accept checks payable to a person or entity other than you, checks drawn on the U.S. Treasury, checks drawn on foreign institutions or payable in foreign currency, substitute checks (checks created from an electronic image), checks dated more than 6 months ago, altered checks, previously deposited or cashed checks, checks payable to cash and checks that are sight drafts. For these types of checks, please visit your local First Bank location.
  • Can I deposit more than one check at a time?
    • No, only one check image may be submitted per deposit. You may deposit multiple checks while logged into Mobile Banking.
  • Are there limits to the amount I can deposit using Mobile Deposit?
    • Yes, there are per item and daily limits on the dollar amount of deposits that can be made through Mobile Deposit. Deposits made on a weekend or holiday are included in the limits for the next business day. Your limits are displayed on the Deposits menu in Mobile Banking.
  • When will funds be available from a deposit made using Mobile Deposit?
    • Typically, deposits made through Mobile Deposit before 9:00 p.m. ET will be processed the same day. The funds will be available the next business day. Checks deposited after 9:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or on weekends or holidays, will be processed the next business day with funds available the following business day. In some instances, we may delay availability of funds for other reasons we deem appropriate. 
  • How will I know that First Bank has received my deposit?
    • Once you have submitted a check for deposit you will receive a confirmation message stating the status of check you submitted for deposit. The View Deposit History section will list previous deposits made in the last 30 days and the status of each. Items will show as pending until they’ve been verified and approved by First Bank.
  • How will I know that First Bank has approved and processed my deposit?
    • Once your mobile deposit starts processing, typically 9:00 p.m. ET each business day, the status of the deposit will show ‘Accepted’ in the View Deposit History section of Mobile Banking. Also, when it’s been processed and has posted to your First Bank account it will display in your account activity in online banking and/or mobile banking. We will notify you by mail or by phone if the deposited item is returned for any reason.
  • How long does it take for my deposit to be approved?
    • Deposits made through Mobile Deposit before 9:00 p.m. ET are typically approved or declined the same business day they are made. Checks deposited after 9:00 p.m. ET Monday through Friday, or on weekends or holidays, will be approved or declined the next business day. 
  • What would cause a deposit to be declined?
    • There are a number of reasons a deposit may be declined including the check type is not eligible for Mobile Deposit, the check image is poor quality, the check is drawn on a foreign institution or payable in foreign currency, the check is missing an endorsement, the check was previously deposited, there are obvious alterations to the check or the deposit amount exceeds your per item or daily limit. In some situations, the app will notify you immediately of a failed deposit with an error message. In other instances, you will be notified by mail of any check deposit rejected during processing.
  • How long can I see information related to my deposit?
    • The View Previous Deposits section will list previous deposits made in the last 30 days and the status of each. Your account activity will display these and older deposits made through Mobile Deposit for up to 27 months in First Bank’s online banking and mobile banking.
  • What if I accidentally submit the same deposit twice?
    • If Mobile Deposit detects a possible duplicate item, it will identify it and not accept the second deposit. Though the system has features in place to detect duplicate check deposits, you are responsible for any duplicate check deposits you make. Regardless, if the deposits were submitted twice by electronic deposit or once by electronic deposit and once by deposit through an ATM or branch, you are responsible for ensuring you don’t deposit a check more than once.
  • Can I re-deposit a check that was returned through Mobile Deposit?
    • No, returned checks cannot be re-deposited through Mobile Deposit. When a check is returned, no matter how you deposited it, you will receive a copy of the returned item in the mail and your account may be charged a return item fee (refer to your account’s Fee Schedule). You may re-deposit the returned check at your nearest First Bank location.
  • What should I do if I deposited a check to the wrong account?
    • If you deposited a check to the wrong account, you can use online banking or mobile banking to transfer funds to the correct account. It may be necessary to wait until the deposited funds are available to be transferred.
  • How long should I keep the original check after completing the Mobile Deposit?
    • Retain and store the original paper check in a secure location for up to 15 calendar days in order to ensure your deposit is accepted and successfully posted to your account. After that, we strongly encourage you to destroy the item by shredding it.
  • Is Mobile Deposit secure?
    • Yes, Mobile Deposit offers the same security that you have with Online Banking. Also, check images captured during the Mobile Deposit process are not stored on your mobile device. We strongly recommend you lock your mobile device when it is not in use and that you not store sensitive data, such as passwords, on the device. Additionally, never share your Online/Mobile Banking User ID and Password with anyone.
  • Who can I contact with questions regarding Mobile Deposit?
    • If you have questions about Mobile Deposit, contact us at 1-800-760-2265, option 3.