Business Online Choices

First Bank offers our business clients two online banking solutions.  Our entry level solution, Business Banking, includes limited features versus our Gateway For Business solution, offering a wider variety of features and benefits. 

Business Online Banking

  • Administrators - one
  • Dual control functionality - not available
  • Multi-Bank - no, accounts in California are separate from Missouri, Illinois and Florida
  • Exports - CSV and QuickBooks for balance reporting
  • Balance and Information Reporting - prior day/same day balance reporting and 24 months of transaction history
  • Check Management Services - check inquiry and check image reporting
  • Stop Payments - stop payment initiation
  • Alerts - balance threshold reporting, transaction event reporting and system defined email notification
  • Bill Pay - pending and recurring payment entry and payment history and reporting
  • Money Transfer – not available
  • Positive Pay – not available
  • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH)  – not available
  • System Security – Transfer limits, True Stamp, challenge question authentication
  • Transfers - transfer funds between your First Bank accounts
  • Popmoney® Payments - make payments to an individual
  • Account to Account Transfer - move money between your accounts at First Bank and other financial institutions

Gateway For Business

  • Administrators - up to 10
  • Dual control functionality - yes
  • Multi-Bank - yes, all accounts can be viewed together
  • Balance and Information Reporting - prior day balance reporting, same day balance reporting, Bank Administration Institute reporting, transaction detail history (18 months), daily statement, cycle statement, CD and savings statement, loan information, history statement, loan advances, loan payments, book transfers (Single & Multi), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) receipt notification and controlled disbursement reporting
  • Exports CSV, TSV for balance reporting, ACH and Wire reporting.  Bank Administration Institute balance reporting, National Association Clearing House Administration (NACHA) ACH reporting, Fed Wire for money transport reporting
  • Check Management Services - check inquiry and check image reporting
  • Stop Payments - stop payment initiation and cancellation
  • Alerts  - balance threshold reporting, transaction event reporting and system-defined email notification
  • Bill Pay - not available
  • Money Transfer - wire transfer initiation and incoming wire notification
  • Positive Pay - issue entry and exception notification
  • Automated Clearinghouse (ACH) ACH origination, ACH NOCS/Returns reporting
  • System Security - Trusteer Rapport Security software, transaction limits, hard token authentication
  • Transfers - transfer funds between your First Bank accounts

Get Started / Questions?

To learn more about our two business online banking choices and other ways we can assist your business, contact the First Bank Treasury Management Officer in your area.

Your security is important to us.  When communicating via email, please do not include any personal, business or confidential account information.  Thank you!

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