Simple and Easy Online Reports

Gateway, your online portal to First Bank, provides a comprehensive array of services, including information reporting.  Once you are setup to access Gateway, you can retrieve account balances and view detailed account activity.  You’ll also have a wide variety of reports available to you, all customizable to meet your specific information requirements.


  • Track previous and intra-day balances to establish cash position
  • Monitor excess cash for investment or loan pay down opportunities
  • Retrieve online account statements and check images
  • Export transaction data in a variety of formats, including CSV, BAI2, TXT and QuickBooks
  • Control access to data at a user-specific level (limited access for a bookkeeper vs. view-all for a manager or business owner)

Get Started / Questions?

To learn more about Gateway Information Reporting and other ways we can assist your business contact the First Bank Treasury Management Officer in your area. 

Your security is important to us.  When communicating via email, please do not include any personal, business or confidential account information.  Thank you! 

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