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You have flexible options to expedite payments to vendors and trading partners with Wire Transfer.  Initiate domestic or international (US Dollar and Foreign Exchange) wire transfers over the phone with a First Bank wire representative.  In addition to controlling who is authorized to initiate wire transfers over the phone, you can also establish transaction dollar limits as well as identify those specific accounts which may be accessed for outgoing wires.

Prefer to initiate wire transfers online?  Use our Gateway online portal Gateway Transaction Portal for domestic or international wire transfers.


  • Same day payment processing
  • Initiate payments by phone with a First Bank representative
  • Online initiation options are available

Get Started / Questions?

To learn more about Wire Transfers and other ways we can assist your business, contact the First Bank Treasury Management Officer in your area.  

Your security is important to us.  When communicating via email, please do not include any personal, business or confidential account information.  Thank you! 

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